Scuba Diving Photography

Scuba Diving Photography

Jeju sea, which shows a different face to the deputy chief.

However, it looks a little different from normal scuba diving.

Taking pictures of very small friends in the sea.

The red en cm of the size of my friends I made

When I was on stage, the friends who were guiding me put a camera along with the shutter um in the number of members.

It’s a normal thing, but thanks for this kind of thing.

After that, I’m impressed, and I’ll transfer only these parts.

In the second-class sea, the membership ceremony is also kept the same place.


Like the fate of close-up photography.

You filmed it earlier.

It’s delicious. Hello, you just finished working on it.

I think why did I get over er at once as a tatoo writer?

Wow, but there are a lot of things to see below right now.

It’s a very good design for the week.

Now, soft coral, cheap slavery, very policy down snow bike jade challenged in the sea.

I faint in my heart.

What is now The Korean sea is usually the spirit of the land, I feel absolutely one season Always

yes, now the sea is the product for you

I heard that the charter of the movie is big, but I heard that it would be bad for me to listen to it.

Even if I didn’t do this I saw the public media window to see, and I want to find it now if I go under it.

It comes out, but it’s good every time I go out at the speed.

So if I think of a dragon as entering the sea, what kind of children will greet me today.


The first thing that catches your eye is the big fish.

Remember how it felt when you first met those friends I was so surprised How come these creatures are living in this kind of sea

What the hell does their existence mean I thought that those kinds of things living in one’s own place in the place of one’s

own life are going to have meaning on the table.

Yes, for one year, the other side is the moon, one year, one year, one year, and you can

post this picture like this I’m in a state of immersion



I love flying.

I love flying.

A comprehensive set of travel gifts for travelers in their rooms!

Experience collectors tell you about flight and travel.

Through this book, the author delicately shows how various experiences take up special meaning in individual life.

Travel has the power to blur the boundaries between daily and non-daily life.

Crunchy. A bite of tart. Scribble. One letter.

A bite of cream. One more sentence.

The milk tart was crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, and it contained a filling that was sweet and full of milk scent.

* “Everything is unrealistic in Venice. Floating houses, spider web-like streets, restaurants hidden everywhere, people traveling by boat, and fresh skies and chewy gelato.

I think I’d believe it if a rabbit were to pound a mill in the full moon here.

* I watched the total lunar eclipse through a small window attached to the emergency exit.

It was the first time I had seen a lunar eclipse this close. As you fly, you encounter various people and events, and the first of them is a strange and beautiful phenomenon that takes place in the sky.

* Oh, I bought a badge, too.

It has Frieda Carlo’s quote that goes well with Manchester, which is full of personality. “I am my muse,”

On one side, the bright sun rises, and on the other side, the moon coexists in the hazy darkness.

It was a quiet night flight. At that time, as if my mysterious power dominated me, I was not tired after landing.

* As a flight attendant, I always wondered, welcoming countless people who travel every day.

“Do they really like night flights, too?


Have a rare experience where the body follows the spirit.

* My trip required a theme. I fell in love with a picture I saw in a travel magazine and decided on a destination, and went on a trip to see the Christmas parade.

* After baking croissants in Paris, going to Bali for yoga lessons, visiting shrines in kimono in Kyoto, and barista experience in Milan. You will see your own taste in travel.

* Now I know. Living near the Eiffel Tower doesn’t mean you’re facing a turning point in your life.

The subtle smell of sunscreen made me feel better.

Suddenly the indigo sea of Nice came into my head.

* A trip combined with scent always left a strong memory. The road from Helsinki to Sibelius Park.

The journey from finishing a large cinnamon roll with the first meal to arriving at Cafe.

I think of small villages in Avignon, Southern France, and the faces of guides.

The writer’s ability to create a touching story by introducing fantasy to make it easy and fun for children to access with the difficult subject and theme of human life based on memory is amazing.

Mysterious and charming characters and sweet foods.

The artist included materials and heavy topics that did not seem to go well with the work in concise and neat sentences as if they were embroidered one by one.


  • I love you, remember.

  • You’ll be sad again if you get your bad memories back. And I can’t come here again.

  • Remember that your mother is always by your side.

  • A mysterious and charming character.


Continuing to do what you like to do for fun, and leisure activities in the modern sense.

A variety of hobbies

Just as we can meet a wide variety of people around.

Here, collecting and making are common hobbies around us.


Various hobbies

  • Video / Board game
  • Chess
  • Painting
  • Watching the movies
  • Reading
  • Traveling
  • Cooking
  • Magic
  • Dancing
  • Listening to music
  • Photography
  • 부대찌개 맛집

Leisure and Recreation

Leisure and Recreation


How is your leisure time?

It is not easy to experience healthy and happy leisure.

In order for leisure to be well-off, one must first learn and practice leisure properly.

Leisure in my life provides me with infinite energy and provides the best peace and enjoyment.

I experienced the leisure studies I learned and studied with my skin.

I hope you can understand leisure in a fun way.


The life of a cartoonist is simple.

It points out the tendency of modern people to create human diversity, social relations, and communities through the consumption of modern Koreans and to express their identity.

The actual leisure activities, seven events are introduced: canoeing, pilates, camping, bowling, dance sports, classical horseback riding, and mountain biking.


The age of leisure


How the leisure created today? Can leisure really liberate people?Cultural and historical questions about capitalism and leisure and exploration for a better life.


▶Good things about leisure life

  1. First, you can develop your talents.
  2. Second, you can get along with people.
  3. Third, you can gain vitality in your life.


Are you putting your heart and soul into the work of the company?

Don’t burn up your passion at work and be an outsider!

If you don’t know what you want to do, you can go to work.

Keep a reasonable distance from the company and keep your emotions away from the company.


The company seems to regard employees as accessories that maintain the company’s system.

The more I work beyond the working hours I sign the contract, the less my hourly wage will be.

The company doesn’t know the importance of its employees.


What kind of company is this?

What on earth do you think of the staff?

Irrational and unconventional things happen every day at work.

Who can’t say a word in front of the owner, comes back to his seat, he scolds him like crazy to produce results.

That’s where the company is.

I work for is special?

No, no!

That’s just how the company is.


The story of a traditional city

The story of a traditional city that is always satisfactory to visit several times.

A trip to a newly emerging city that is easy to keep social distancing.

Good to enjoy outdoor activities and activities.

Whatever food you enjoy, it’s full of the coolest way to travel that allows you to make all the choices.