Leisure and Recreation

Leisure and Recreation


How is your leisure time?

It is not easy to experience healthy and happy leisure.

In order for leisure to be well-off, one must first learn and practice leisure properly.

Leisure in my life provides me with infinite energy and provides the best peace and enjoyment.

I experienced the leisure studies I learned and studied with my skin.

I hope you can understand leisure in a fun way.


The life of a cartoonist is simple.

It points out the tendency of modern people to create human diversity, social relations, and communities through the consumption of modern Koreans and to express their identity.

The actual leisure activities, seven events are introduced: canoeing, pilates, camping, bowling, dance sports, classical horseback riding, and mountain biking.


The age of leisure


How the leisure created today? Can leisure really liberate people?Cultural and historical questions about capitalism and leisure and exploration for a better life.


â–¶Good things about leisure life

  1. First, you can develop your talents.
  2. Second, you can get along with people.
  3. Third, you can gain vitality in your life.


Are you putting your heart and soul into the work of the company?

Don’t burn up your passion at work and be an outsider!

If you don’t know what you want to do, you can go to work.

Keep a reasonable distance from the company and keep your emotions away from the company.


The company seems to regard employees as accessories that maintain the company’s system.

The more I work beyond the working hours I sign the contract, the less my hourly wage will be.

The company doesn’t know the importance of its employees.


What kind of company is this?

What on earth do you think of the staff?

Irrational and unconventional things happen every day at work.

Who can’t say a word in front of the owner, comes back to his seat, he scolds him like crazy to produce results.

That’s where the company is.

I work for is special?

No, no!

That’s just how the company is.