Scuba Diving Photography

Scuba Diving Photography

Jeju sea, which shows a different face to the deputy chief.

However, it looks a little different from normal scuba diving.

Taking pictures of very small friends in the sea.

The red en cm of the size of my friends I made

When I was on stage, the friends who were guiding me put a camera along with the shutter um in the number of members.

It’s a normal thing, but thanks for this kind of thing.

After that, I’m impressed, and I’ll transfer only these parts.

In the second-class sea, the membership ceremony is also kept the same place.


Like the fate of close-up photography.

You filmed it earlier.

It’s delicious. Hello, you just finished working on it.

I think why did I get over er at once as a tatoo writer?

Wow, but there are a lot of things to see below right now.

It’s a very good design for the week.

Now, soft coral, cheap slavery, very policy down snow bike jade challenged in the sea.

I faint in my heart.

What is now The Korean sea is usually the spirit of the land, I feel absolutely one season Always

yes, now the sea is the product for you

I heard that the charter of the movie is big, but I heard that it would be bad for me to listen to it.

Even if I didn’t do this I saw the public media window to see, and I want to find it now if I go under it.

It comes out, but it’s good every time I go out at the speed.

So if I think of a dragon as entering the sea, what kind of children will greet me today.


The first thing that catches your eye is the big fish.

Remember how it felt when you first met those friends I was so surprised How come these creatures are living in this kind of sea

What the hell does their existence mean I thought that those kinds of things living in one’s own place in the place of one’s

own life are going to have meaning on the table.

Yes, for one year, the other side is the moon, one year, one year, one year, and you can

post this picture like this I’m in a state of immersion